AllyHealth Arizona
AllyHealth Arizona

AllyHealth Arizona

Allyhealth name says it all. We aim to align themselves with their clients and partners by acting as their “ally” in health. AllyHealth unique blend of telehealth, wellness, transparency, savings, and access tools, together with their  high touch service model create engagement, utilization, and claims redirection that you have to see to believe

For Individuals AllyHealth Arizona

How much does it cost?
$ 29.95 a month
$ 0 for doctor visits
$ 0 for pediatrician visits
$ 0 for secure messaging to doctors and nurses

AllyHealth Arizona

AllyHealth Arizona

What do you get?
Speak with a doctor or pediatrician anytime you need by secure video or phone(Virtual care)

Choose a doctor or pediatrician from the largest telehealth network in the U.S.

Your prescriptions sent instantly to your pharmacy of choice (if appropriate).

24/7 Customer Support.

Private, secure and confidential visits. ally health care

Client Presentation Demo from AllyHealth on Vimeo.

AllyHealth Arizona Group

AllyHealth’s comprehensive virtual care program is available as an employee benefit for our clients and partners around the nation, including:.

Small Employers.

Self-Funded Employers.

Third Party Administrators.

Insurance Carriers.

Hospitals & Health Systems.

Other Healthcare Organizations.

AllyHealth is a virtual care platform connecting your employees and members to doctors, coaches, therapists, specialists, health advocates, and cost transparency & savings tools.
Healthcare access and transparency, simplified.
AllyHealth helps your employees be more proactive about their health and wellness by giving them access to the right professionals on their schedule and on their terms. And our modular platform allows you to pick and choose which virtual care solutions are best for your employees, providing you with the most flexible platform in the industry.


Direct phone or video access to family doctors and pediatricians for consults, diagnosis, treatment, and prescriptions for a wide range of common health conditions treatable virtually. On your health telemedicine

Your personal health ally provides unbiased and independent concierge-level guidance through the complex healthcare system. From benefit explanations, to help with claims issues, to finding local doctors, and everything in between.

Confidential and virtual access to counselors, therapists, and specialists, allowing you to be more proactive with your mental wellness, and nurture work-life balance.

Securely send and receive messages with our broad team of medical professionals and specialists, including pharmacists, eye doctors, dermatologists, alternative medicine professionals, and more.

AllyHealth can help identify and solve the most complex, critical, and worrying problems in healthcare by providing a virtual second opinion from a best-in-class medical expert or specialist.

Want to lose weight? Quit smoking? Eat healthier? Get fit? Our.

Compare prices and receive discounts on prescriptions, lab tests, medical imaging, surgical procedures, and more. Additionally, you may speak with one of our medical bill negotiators for savings on medical bills.

Customer service.
1535 Chestnut St # 100.
Philadelphia, PA 19102.
Phone: (888) 565-3303.