There is a NEW state Regulated program that’s payable to you in addition to the $255 Death Benefit that social security pays

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The Federal Government only pays a maximum of just $255 towards funeral expenses. The average funeral is over $9,000. *.
* Source: NFDA, National Funeral Directors Association
Social Security Lump Sum Death Payment
the Social Security Lump Sum Death Payment (LSDP) Benefits are a federally funded program managed by the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA). A surviving spouse or child may receive a special lump-sum death payment of $255 if they meet certain requirements.
Benefits information for AZ residents’ Affordable burial insurance for seniors, If all you want is an instant final expense insurance quote, feel free to use the quote form on this page. You’ll instantly see multiple quotes from top-rated carriers in Arizona.
Commonly known as burial insurance or funeral insurance, final expense insurance is designed to help cover end-of-life expenses. No health examinations are necessary– only a few health questions on a one-page application. Most people get coverage, even with health issues.
• You may qualify for a state-regulated program to pay for your final expenses regardless of your medical condition even if you have been turned down before.
• Benefits available to seniors ages 50-85 for all funeral expenses.
• It is important you know how to qualify for this benefit available to you.
• This benefit will pay 100% of all funeral expenses up to $35000. upon passing away.
• This payment is tax-free for AZ residents.
• You are entitled to receive this free information as a resident of AZ.
• Final expense insurance program.

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Final expense insurance, burial insurance or funeral insurance is designed to cover the bills that your loved ones will face after your death. These costs will include medical bills and funeral expenses. Final expense insurance is also known as burial insurance. Unfortunately, even bare-bones funerals can cost thousands of dollars.
A final expense policy-- also called burial insurance, funeral insurance, or end-of-life insurance-- gives your loved ones a sum of money upon your death that can be used to cover any expenses you leave behind, such as medical bills and funeral costs.
We all know that losing a loved one is tough and that funerals are expensive.
So here's the bottom line.
You're on our website for a reason because you care about your loved ones and you would never want to burden them with unpaid funeral costs.
Well, you are in luck because we can show you a simple and affordable way to ensure that never happens. It's called final expense life insurance. If you currently do not have a way to ensure your end of life costs are paid for, a final expense life insurance plan is the answer.

Top Final Expense Insurance Comparison Chart

Company, Policy type, Issue ages, coverage amounts, Type of death benefit

CompanyPolicy typeIssue agesCoverage amountsType of death benefit
The Funeral Advantage Program40-85$5,000 up to $20,000level and graded
LifeScape ® Simplified Whole LifeLevel 0-80$5,000-- $50,000 Depending on Type of Death BenefitLevel, 2 Year Graded & 2 Year Modified Death Benefit
RAPIDecision ® Senior Life Term & Whole Life50-85 Depending on Type of Death Benefit$10,000-$ 150,00010, 20 & 30 Year Term or Whole Life
Gerber Life Guaranteed Life50-80$5,000-$ 25,0002 Year Graded Death Benefit
Phoenix Remembrance Life ®30-80$10,000-$ 100,000 depends on ageLevel Death Benefit
Guaranteed Issue Whole Life50-85$5,000-$ 25,0002 Year Graded Death Benefit
Simplified Issue Whole Life50-85$3,000-$ 25,000simplified and graded
Foresters PlanRight Whole Life Insurance50-85 depends on Type of Death Benefit$2,000-$35,000Level, 2 Year Graded and 2 Year Modified Death Benefit
Living Promise Whole Life Insurance45-85$2,000-$40,000Level and 2 Year Graded Death Benefit
Ultra Protector I, II & III Non-Participating Whole Life50-85 Depending on Type of Death BenefitI & II: $2,000 – $30,000 
III: $2,000 – $10,000
Level & 3 Year Graded Benefit