What is a Health Share Membership? 

It’s Not Insurance

Christian healthcare sharing is not Christian Health Insurance Christian healthcare sharing ministry where members share each other’s medical expenses

Medical Cost Sharing Ministries are an affordable way to plan for unforeseen medical expenses. When you break it down, medical cost sharing, or health sharing ministries, are a group of like-minded individuals agreeing to come together and help each other pay their medical expenses.

WHAT IS MEDI-SHARE?  MEDI-SHARE|Christian Care Ministry

Medi-Share is a healthcare sharing ministry founded on the belief that there is a BETTER way ..a Biblical way, to take care of your healthcare. A way that focuses on people, NOT profit. A way that inspires you to live a healthier lifestyle so you can fulfill the plan God has for you. We are passionate about saving you money so you can use those funds to support your family and further kingdom work.
Medi-Share is an organized way in which Christians share their money to pay for each other’s eligible medical bills.
• It’s accountable– Members vote on the guidelines.
• It’s affordable– There’s an option for every budget that generally saves members around 50%.
• It’s Biblical– It’s modeled after the early church in the Book of Acts where people were of one heart and mind and shared what they had.
• It’s a community– Members support each other in prayer and come alongside you when you need it most.
But wait, there’s more. Your Medi-Share membership also gives you zero cost 24/7 access to telehealth providers and dental and vision discounts.

What is Altrua Health Share  
Health Share Membership

altrua plans

Altrua Health share

Thousands of individuals, families, and organizations rely on each other for their medical needs.
How it works is simple.
Individuals, couples, families, churches, and organizations contribute financially to the members’ escrow account and we act as a neutral escrow agent for the members.
• Members’ medical needs are shared according to the Membership Guidelines and escrow instructions.
• Members are asked to submit a monthly contribution.

• Members present their Membership ID card when medical services are received and the provider submits the medical need according to the instructions on the back of the card.


What is Kingdom HealthShareHealth Share Membership

Kingdom HealthShare is a medical cost-sharing program that helps individuals and families address the
challenges of escalating healthcare costs and soaring insurance premiums. It is not insurance, but rather
an affordable alternative. Membership contributions are often thirty-five to fifty percent less than
traditional medical insurance policies and our members enjoy access to the largest PPO network in the
nation, PHCS.