lincoln heritage funeral advantage

lincoln heritage funeral advantage

Lincoln Heritage life insurance

Get Peace Of Mind With Funeral Advantage– The Leading Final Expense Insurance Program In The Nation


Easy Qualification
There are no health exams necessary to qualify for the Funeral Advantage program. Just answer a few simple health questions on our 1-page application. Most everyone qualifies, even if they’ve had past health issues.


Family Support Services
Every Funeral Advantage plan comes with a dedicated representative from the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society (FCGS)– at no additional cost. They can help surviving family members save hundreds– even thousands– of dollars on funeral costs.


Fast Claims Payment
Lincoln Heritage sends the money to your beneficiary as quickly as possible. Most claims are paid within 24 hours of claim approval

Up to $100,000 Additional Coverage
You can add up to $100,000 in Accidental Death insurance coverage through the Funeral Advantage program– just by checking one simple box! Find out more by requesting FREE information today.


lincoln heritage life insurance

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Whole life insurance policies or permanent insurance conveys less initial investment when compared with the cost of Term Life insurance rates. The strategies are held over a more drawn out timeframe and regularly are paid out with death the length of the payments are made and current. Lincoln heritage funeral advantage or lincoln heritage life insurance rates

The drawback to purchasing entire life insurance is the general cost of insurance versus the advantages. As it were, will the sum you pay in premiums be justified regardless of the compensation out advantages when you require them? It’s imperative to get an exact thought of what the cost versus payout will be from an approved insurance provider. lincoln heritage burial insurance

On the upside, whole life insurance increases in value and can happen frequently, if necessary, be borrowed from by the insured before cashing in the policy. This advantage can frequently help a family during extreme financial circumstances.

When choosing which type of life insurance policy suits you best, consider the purpose behind the policy, the cost, and the payout. An approved life insurance agent can regularly help you choose which policy will best address your needs and that of your family.