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Mexico Insurance Coverage options for every budget and travel plan

Whether you need a policy for one day or one year, we offer Mexico auto insurance policies as well as Mexico insurance for motorcycles and RVs.

You can select from three different coverage levels based on your needs including:

    • Basic Coverage includes liability, travel assistance, medical payments and legal assistance
    • Standard Coverage offers Basic coverage as well as collision and theft
    • Extended Coverage includes Basic and Standard coverage along with vandalism, partial theft, United States repair and fixed deductibles

Mexico Insurance quote

Mexico Insurance

Plus, all policies include roadside assistance to provide an extra level of assurance while driving in Mexico

Always there for you, even in Mexico.

If the unexpected happens when you’re in Mexico, don’t worry. Your Mexico insurance company will be there to help you throughout the entire claims process.

Simply remain at the scene until the authorities arrive and call the toll free number on your policy as soon as possible. An adjuster will be dispatched to help you file the claims report.

Always seek advice when choosing coverage

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