Many renters make the mistake of going without insurance because they think they do not need it.  This couldn’t be farer from the truth. Consider all the stuff in your apartment, how long did it take you to acquire all of it? How much money and time did you spend picking out each item in your home? Ok, now think about what would happen if suddenly it was all gone. How would you replace it? Well, that is precisely what apartment insurance is for plus a couple of other useful reasons too.

Protection for Your Belongings

Imagine settling down for a nice evening binge-watching Netflix, and you hear what sounds like a trickling water feature, but you know you do not have a trickling water feature. You get up to investigate, and you notice what appears to be a waterfall coming from the ceiling in your bedroom office, soaking everything it comes in contact with.  Alarmed you call your apartment manager and learn the upstairs neighbors went out of town with their tub on. You politely ask the manager what to do about your belongings; they quickly brush you off and tell you it is not their problem.


Now what?  Maybe they do not have a policy that you can put a claim in on, so you think about the negligent neighbors, and they seem to not only have gone out of town but left for good.  If you had purchased that affordable renters insurance, your auto insurance agent told you about you would be in a different situation, but instead you are trying to figure out how to replace your brand new MacBook.


Landlord Requirement

Living in the litigious society we do, most apartment complexes require that you at least carry a renters policy with liability insurance on it.  They want to make sure they are covered if you are negligent and cause a fire or a water situation like mentioned above. Your liability coverage will kick in and defend you plus pay for damages if you are found at fault.  Some savvy landlords may even require you to carry coverage for your belongings as well. However, it is easy to find affordable renters insurance, and you should always add contents coverage to it.

Renters Insurance Can Pay for Itself

You read that right; renters insurance can often pay for itself when you combine with an auto insurance policy.  Insurance companies love for you to bundle your business with them and an accompanying renters policy can give you significant savings on your auto policy.  Since apartment insurance is relatively inexpensive, the discount on your auto can sometimes be as much as the premium for the annual renter’s policy. It is a no-brainer; basically free coverage for your stuff.

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